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Michael J. Fox

Looks like Michael J. Fox is at it again.  Now don’t get me wrong, it’s a free country and the man can do any ad he wants to do.  But these political stunts by public icons to further specific agendas of the Democratic (or Republican for that matter) party are beyond sick.  Just like it was when Christopher Reeve tried it.

Disagree with me if you may, but this brings up an interesting point.   I have the utmost sympathy for people like Fox and Reeve, who have had to suffer the trials of their various debilitating illnesses.  I honestly do feel for them.  But I cannot shake the feeling that being so close to the suffering that their situations bring is actually a hindrance to their being open and honest about the elephant in the room: stem cell research, and specifically embryonic stem cell research.

The irony in all this is that of all the research being done with stem cells, it is the adult stem cells which have provided all the gain….all the promise of success in defeating such illnesses.  Meanwhile the embryonic research (which necessarily kills the embryo used to harvest the cells….effectively murdering a human being) has proven virtually meaningless, wrought with complications.

And yet we continue to be bombarded with ads like these, in this case showing a beloved Canadian-born Michael J. Fox twitching from the effects of Parkinson’s disease while advocating that we vote “his” way (i.e. anti-Republican) because apparently the candidate he favors is all for such research.

Those sick Republican bastards who don’t want to help poor Marty McFl….I mean, Michael J. Fox.  Appealing to emotionalism instead of using reason to determine such weighty issues is the way of the Democratic party.   Always has been, always will be.

Who cares what the underlying science says, much less the ethical and moral issues surrounding such research.  As long as they can make everyone think that the Republicans hate Michael J. Fox….well, that’s enough for them.



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Foley Just the Tip of the Iceburg

With the current “talk of the town” over on the Beltway being saturated by the Foley scandal, I figure it’s my duty as a blogger to at least make mention of it. So unlike my Democratic friends I will not defend nor try to deflect consequences from this scandal: Foley deserves everything that has happened to him and more. Good riddance and goodbye. I hope they send his ass to jail.

Now, having said that I do have issues with the Democrats on this. One being the timing of releasing this information so close to an election. Two being that it appears (though not proven yet) that the ABC reporter who broke the story, along with several others I would imagine, had this information months ago yet failed to cover it. If the rhetoric about “protecting the kids” was authentic, one would think that information like this should have been broken the minute corroborating sources had been found. It wasn’t.

Finally, I think it is a joke that the Democrats are pretending to stand on the moral high ground. They are really interested in what Republicans knew and when. They are not interested in what Democrats (and their friends) knew and when. They are quick to cast the first stone at Foley, yet were staunchly against even considering picking up the rock when their Congressmen engaged in similar (or in some cases far worse) scandals. Here are a few to jog our collective memories:

10. Sen. Daniel Inouye. The 82-year-old Hawaii Democrat was accused in the 1990s by numerous women of sexual harassment. Democrats cast doubt on the allegations and the Senate Ethics Committee dropped its investigation.

9. Former Rep. Gus Savage. The Illinois Democrat was accused of fondling a Peace Corps volunteer in 1989 while on a trip to Africa. The House Ethics Committee decided against disciplinary action in 1990.

8. Rep. Barney Frank. The outspoken Massachusetts Democrat hired a male prostitute who ran a prostitution service from Frank’s residence in the 1980s. Only two Democrats in the House of Representatives voted to censure him in 1990.

7. Former Sen. Brock Adams. The late Washington Democrat was forced to stop campaigning after numerous accusations of drugging, assault and rape, the first surfacing in 1988.

6. Former Rep. Fred Richmond. This New York Democrat was arrested in 1978 for soliciting sex from a 16-year-old. He remained in Congress and won re-election—before eventually resigning in 1982 after pleading guilty to tax evasion and drug possession.

5. Former Rep. John Young. The late Texas Democrat increased the salary of a staffer after she gave in to his sexual advances. The congressman won re-election in 1976 but lost two years later.

4. Former Rep. Wayne Hays. The late Ohio Democrat hired an unqualified secretary reportedly for sexual acts. Although he resigned from Congress, the Democratic House leadership stalled in removing him from the Administration Committee in 1976.

3. Former Rep. Gerry Studds. He was censured for sexual relationship with underage male page in 1983. Massachusetts voters returned him to office for six more terms.

2. Former Rep. Mel Reynolds. The Illinois Democrat was convicted of 12 counts of sexual assault with a 16-year-old. President Bill Clinton pardoned him before leaving office.

1. Sen. Teddy Kennedy. The liberal Massachusetts senator testified in defense of nephew accused of rape, invoking his family history to win over the jury in 1991.

I would never trust my child in the care of any Republican Congressman, but even more-so I damned sure wouldn’t entrust them to Democrat either. The bottom line is that while both sides continue this charade of pretending that they are morally upright and the “other” is decadent and evil….it should be readily apparent to anyone with two brain cells to rub together that our Congress has become a house of debauchery and sin, not a house of reasoned debate where the peoples’ interests are taken seriously.

Mark Foley is a sick SOB who should never have been in Congress. I am glad he is gone. But if the Democrats think anyone takes their outcries seriously, then my response is this: Nobody wants a house-cleaner who’s own place is the filthiest of them all.

Update: Fordham resigns as well.

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Add ABC to the Surrender Monkey List

It appears that ABC has no backbone to counter the complete lack of integrity that CBS has been flaunting since RatherGate.   The scary thing about all this is just how much political pressure the Clintons apparently still have.  Just a few days ago there was a minor uproar over a movie being release which portrays the current President being assassinated.  And yet Bill Clinton’s ego getting stepped on a little over his flagrant inability to take the hard line (except of course with respect to Monica….sorry, I couldn’t resist) with Islamic terrorists while he was in office and could have done something about them.

If this were a story about how the Bush administration failed to do something or other, do you think you’d see ABC moon-walking away from it as fast as they could? No way….but upset the poor Clintons’ revisionist sense of history and by golly let’s pull out all the stops to make sure we whitewash our movie to their liking.

No wonder the only channels I will watch anymore are cable.

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Wallace and Ahmadinejad….Sittin In a Tree….

What a thoroughly disappointing fact to have to face: even when a worthless decrepit POS like Mike Wallace “retires” you still can’t get rid of him.

Please do not drink anything hot while reading the article. You may find yourself wanting to throw up in your own mouth as your eyes feast on a few of the gems of “knowledge” that Wallace spews.  First we find out that…

“Wallace has spent a lot of time in Iran over the past four decades…”

Hmmmmm…that might explain the burka coming out of his ass. That and the eye opening reality that Wallace lays down for us common folk in which we find out that our bass-ackward understanding of the bloodthirsty terrorist Ahmadinejad is all wrong.

Wallace dismissed the common perceptions of Ahmadinejad.  “He’s actually, in a strange way, he’s a rather attractive man, very smart, savvy, self-assured, good looking in a strange way,” Wallace said. “He’s very, very short but he’s comfortable in his own skin.”

Does that mean we are “misunderestimating” his potential as an upcoming cover for GQ? Or does that just mean that Wallace didn’t have his head sawed off like Nick Berg and so he feels the need to paint the donkey-boy as a real charmer?

Despite the presence of only one translator for a period during the love-fest….

Wallace said Ahmadinejad was patient. “He couldn’t have been more accommodating. He had a good time doing the interview.”

Well shit-yeah he was patient. He has been having wet dreams about the 12th Imam coming on August 23rd for years now, heralding the Muslim hoards swallowing the tasty blood of the Jews as they drive their corpses into the sea once and for all. What’s another 90 minutes of pandering to a retarded geriatric gonna hurt?

And of course he’s going to accommodate a dolt like ol’ Mike, he believes that in just 13 days Wallace and the rest of us infidels will be wearing dirty night shirts, kneeling on a goat rug and shouting “Awl-uh Ack-bar” (southern style).

“I don’t know if you remember this or not but you and I had a talk over breakfast at the United Nations,” Ahmadinejad told Wallace. “Do you remember that you asked me at the time if I would sit down with you … and I said by all means, let’s do it.” Wallace said he was surprised that Ahmadinejad had remembered.

Well slap me and call me Susan. One would think that these two men were college buddies talking about the good ol’ days at the U.N. snickering about between polo matches. Or then again, maybe Wallace has ‘a thing’ for leaders of fascist militant Islamic states whose very public mission statement includes the destruction of the very freedom that allowed an idiot like Wallace to collect a paycheck for the last 60 years.

The piece ends with Wallace commenting to donkey-boy about his quasi-retirement….

“When you love what you do, it’s not work,” Wallace said.

I bet Ahmadinejad was thinking exactly the same thing about Jew killing.

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Cecilia Lucas Made Me Lose My Lunch

That an idiot like Cecilia Lucas can even muster enough brain cells to get up in the morning, much less go about her daily activities like writing love poems to Hambollah, is a veritable miracle in my book. After reading her piece, I started thinking about how exactly a reasonably educated individual could be so out of touch with reality?

It has occurred to me that the only soluble answer to such a riddle lies in the mistaken notion wrought by the 60’s hippie generation, and furthered by the Birkenstock generation of today, that any questioning, no matter how contrary to facts, is deemed noteworthy and in some circles even laudable. The very act of raging against whatever is not currently being raged against is seen by the Left as being a certifiable feat of immense proportions.

No matter that the “love poem” in this case is to a proven terrorist organization responsible for the grotesque and brutal murders of literally hundreds if not thousands of innocent people. One can see that my hypothesis is the only real answer to such brazen idiocy. Ms. Lucas in this case (of which there are many on the Left) has decided that facts don’t mean squat. She has decided that in order to fulfill her heart’s longing for the long failed notion of “journalistic duty”, that she simply must say what nobody else has said. Far be it from her to actually consider whether what she’s railing against makes any sense whatsoever in regards to actual reality.

If progressive means loving people who routinely chop the heads of it’s prisoners off, then I’d rather be regressive thank you very much.

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