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More proof that politicians are technological tools

Apparently the DL’s are upset that the RL’s are attempting to send out a mass email to their “base” that shows a chart, developed by Kevin Brady (RL-Texas), depicting the tangled web that the new health care plan could will become.

So let me get this straight…one side is attempting to block a mass email so that people won’t be “mislead” by a chart.  Never mind that the press (via Drudge) on this story is likely to be read by at least as many, if not more people, than the original mass email would have garnered.  Not to mention that even before this story broke, the chart was ALREADY going viral

Finally, to add insult to injury, do these lying bastards we call representatives actually believe that the final result of whatever screwed up health care system they end up non-voting on will actually be simple, easy to understand, efficient and cost effective?  Uh huh. 

So cheers to our elected REPRESSentatives for spending time on a non-issue, yet again.

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