Help a Hero In His Time of Need

Came across this story about SPC Reid Stanley today.  Although I wish that the Stanley family wasn’t going through this horrible ordeal right now, I am always thankful for the opportunities that God puts in front of me to give back to those who have so selflessly give to me and mine.

I don’t know the Stanley family from Adam, but I am thankful that this one man and his family sacrificed so much to serve voluntarily in our armd forces.  Regardless of whether or not you agree with the particulars of this war or any other, we should all remember daily that our men and women who serve do so of their own free will, and yet in doing so they are not afforded the luxury of determining for themselves which battles they fight in and which they sit out.  No, the price of a volunteer army is the sacrifice of each and every individual that chooses to make such a selfless decision; the sacrifice of accepting the decisions of our elected leaders to fight on whatever stage and in whatever conditions they deem necessary.

I urge everyone to dig deep to help this family out in their time of need.  Dig deep and remember that people like this do what they do not for the money (obviously), fame, power or thrill….but because they believe in something greater than themselves. They believe in this great nation and they believe in providing you and I with the freedoms we so much enjoy.

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