Michael J. Fox

Looks like Michael J. Fox is at it again.  Now don’t get me wrong, it’s a free country and the man can do any ad he wants to do.  But these political stunts by public icons to further specific agendas of the Democratic (or Republican for that matter) party are beyond sick.  Just like it was when Christopher Reeve tried it.

Disagree with me if you may, but this brings up an interesting point.   I have the utmost sympathy for people like Fox and Reeve, who have had to suffer the trials of their various debilitating illnesses.  I honestly do feel for them.  But I cannot shake the feeling that being so close to the suffering that their situations bring is actually a hindrance to their being open and honest about the elephant in the room: stem cell research, and specifically embryonic stem cell research.

The irony in all this is that of all the research being done with stem cells, it is the adult stem cells which have provided all the gain….all the promise of success in defeating such illnesses.  Meanwhile the embryonic research (which necessarily kills the embryo used to harvest the cells….effectively murdering a human being) has proven virtually meaningless, wrought with complications.

And yet we continue to be bombarded with ads like these, in this case showing a beloved Canadian-born Michael J. Fox twitching from the effects of Parkinson’s disease while advocating that we vote “his” way (i.e. anti-Republican) because apparently the candidate he favors is all for such research.

Those sick Republican bastards who don’t want to help poor Marty McFl….I mean, Michael J. Fox.  Appealing to emotionalism instead of using reason to determine such weighty issues is the way of the Democratic party.   Always has been, always will be.

Who cares what the underlying science says, much less the ethical and moral issues surrounding such research.  As long as they can make everyone think that the Republicans hate Michael J. Fox….well, that’s enough for them.



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