France’s Problem

While the Foley debacle is fast becoming a lesson in why one should never trust “the news” anymore, back at the ranch there is some disturbing news coming out of France which the MSM will not talk about.

Muslims (and not just “youth” anymore) are waging a veritable civil war against French police on a daily basis. Naturally the politicians are trying to downplay the reality of what is going on while the officers on the ground know exactly what the threat is:

Senior officers insisted that the problem was essentially criminal in nature, with crime bosses on the estates fighting back against tough tactics.

The interior minister, Nicolas Sarkozy, who is also the leading centre-Right candidate for the presidency, has sent heavily equipped units into areas with orders to regain control from drug smuggling gangs and other organised crime rings. Such aggressive raids were “disrupting the underground economy in the estates”, one senior official told Le Figaro.

However, not all officers on the ground accept that essentially secular interpretation. Michel Thoomis, the secretary general of the hardline Action Police trade union, has written to Mr Sarkozy warning of an “intifada” on the estates and demanding that officers be given armoured cars in the most dangerous areas.

He said yesterday: “We are in a state of civil war, orchestrated by radical Islamists. This is not a question of urban violence any more, it is an intifada, with stones and Molotov cocktails. You no longer see two or three youths confronting police, you see whole tower blocks emptying into the streets to set their ‘comrades’ free when they are arrested.”

All I know is that the Europeans had better wake up fast. Regardless of how much the Islamists hate America, they hate you too and your decades long “plan” of appeasement is only giving them more time to breed you out of existence.



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