Reverse Boycott: Patronize Dunkin Donuts & Applebee’s

It appears that the open borders people are boycotting Dunkin Donuts because they won’t break the law. Now don’t get me wrong, I’m all for legal immigration and lots of it. I think that without the vast numbers of legal immigrants coming into this country, we’d be in a far worse position economically than we could imagine. Historically speaking even more-so.

But the extremist open borders crowd has shown it’s true colors on this one. This isn’t about the illegals hoping for a better life for them. It’s political. And in this country we have laws for a reason. So instead of boycotting these companies for do what is proper, we should be proudly congratulating them on being models for other companies to follow.

The funny thing is that this “boycott” has actually spurred me into being a patron of a place I normally wouldn’t frequent. I’m not much of a donut guy but maybe I’ll just have to become one.



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9 responses to “Reverse Boycott: Patronize Dunkin Donuts & Applebee’s

  1. Bob

    I absolutly agree. Today Wednesday October 4th, I am going to eat out with about twenty other people at Applebee’s and tomorrow I will drive as far as I have to, to get a great cup of coffee and a donut at the closest Dunkin Donuts. I would encourage any red blooded American that has a pair, to go and do the same and then tell them why you are there.

  2. Bob

    Frickin “A” man Frickin “A”. I have e-mailed and called everyone that I think will care and asked them to do the same. I have never acted like this before. I just can’t stand the fact that American’s soveriegnty is being stepped on left and right around the world. I think that I am going to become more active from now on. This is just the situation that I needed to get out and voice my opinion.

    -there is evil in this world.
    -however, there is something worse than evil.
    -and that is the indifference of “good” men.
    -Stand up and speak out, stand up and fight in the face of evil.

  3. Well good for you. This is jus the tip of the iceburg. If the DD & Applebees “boycott” gets you riled up, wait til you read about (if you haven’t already) the crap going on with Hugo Chavez & Citgo selling cheap heating oil to the Democratic base to try and buy their support…..meanwhile Venezuela is fast becoming a dangerous enemy of US interests, stockpiling militarily on a frightening level (as is China), not to mention the destabilizing rally point Chavez’s country has become for radical Islamists like Al-Qaida to enter South America.

    People like us had better wake up, stand up and shout as loud as we can. Otherwise we may one day wake to find the nightmare is upon us.

  4. Applebee's Employee

    I should begin by mentioning that I have worked (on and off) at three different Applebee’s locations between Florida and Illinois, for a grand total of 5 years on the payroll. I have worked with variety of people from every imaginable race, religious affiliation, lifestyle, and economic class. (This includes management.)I have a hard time believeing that discrimination is prevalent in such a diverse workplace. It seems absurd to boycott businesses like Applebee’s and Dunkin Donuts for abiding by the law. There are perfectly legal ways to become a citizen of this proud nation. Not to mention that if this country is so horrible why are people fighting so hard to be here?
    Bottom line: it’s the law,and these corporations would be remiss in there responsibilities if they knowingly broke the law.
    It seems pretty simple to me.

  5. Bob

    I will consider adding a second daily trip to Dunkin’ DOnuts for coffee. I though that the TOday show picked DUnkin’ Donuts as having “America’s Best COffee” for the taste alone, but I see a whole other diomension: Dunkin’ Donuts does business the American way!

    I cannot see how this absurd campaign is going to do anything but backfire and (I hope) drive huge business to Dunkin’ DOnuts, Appelbees and anone else that these blockheads target.

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