Irish Rout Nittany Lions

After nearly a decade of poor performances, bad coaching, under performing atheletes and overall Football Depression…the Irish are officially back.  Watching them last week against Georgia Tech, they looked like a great team that was having first game jitters.  They squeaked out a touch victory mostly with amazing defensive plays which kept GT from scoring more than they did.

But if this second game of the season vs the Nittany Lions of Penn State is any indication of the season we are going to witness with Notre Dame, we should all put our money on Gold.  They have utterly destroyed the 19th ranked team in college football.  Games between top 20 teams, even early in the season, tend to be closer than (at present 41-3) the rank whipping we’re witnessing right now.

Brady Quinn looks great, passing well, making good decisions and just overall being a leader.  The Irish defense has looked fast, strong and versatile.  Granted, Penn State has looked horrible but I credit the Irish coaching staff for having prepared their men on exactly what the Lions were up to and great execution.

Bottom line: the fear that Notre Dame struck in the hearts of fans of every conference is back.  And rightly so.



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