Charles Daly Field Hunter VR-MC

I picked this nice little shotgun up at Wal-mart of all places. Anyone who has ever been to the sporting goods section at Wal-mart knows that they actually carry a nice lineup of firearms manufacturers, from Benelli to Marlin to Mossberg to Savage. Naturally they carry typically the lower end models of various hunting rifles, 22’s, and shotguns…but hey, it’s better than trying to pawn off the latest crusty import isn’t it?

Anyway, I’ve used this gun mostly for dove hunting the past few years and I have to say it’s functioned fairly well, despite my inability to kill the devil birds. I’ve probably put around 400-500 shells through this gun and I’ve never had a jam or malfunction which has kept it from being a great companion in the field.

Obviously it isn’t the most expensive of guns, but for a low end 20 gauge, I’d have to say I’m pretty impressed. It has interchangeable chokes and the always nice Realtree Hardwoods HD camo pattern throughout.

Disassembly is a piece of cake, taking all of about 10 seconds to completely break down the gun into barrel, action, stock and pump. As with most synthetic stock shotguns, this one is pretty light and would be a great gun for youth and ladies who prefer less recoil than a 12 gauge.

Charles Daly Full Rear angled shot  Charles Daly Full with Ammo  Charles Daly Cammo Pattern (20 Gauge)  Charles Daly Trigger Action Shot



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8 responses to “Charles Daly Field Hunter VR-MC

  1. nick cear

    how much did this cost. Iam very interested

  2. Well, I actually got the very last one of these at my local Wal-mart so it was marked down heavily. I paid $170 for it plus tax. Don’t expect that price, but I think it’s a good gun for the 200-250 range.

  3. sporting goods that are china made are sometims of very good quality too “”

  4. Josh

    How many rounds will it hold.

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  7. geosocial

    Design nya simple but it’s look great (y)Like it

  8. Dylan

    Are you selling it, I need this gun for my wife! Ill give you 200 for it

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