D.C. Roe is getting extremely close to having 2,996 bloggers sign up to each honor one victim of 9/11. I think this is quite a noble effort to honor each and every person’s life lost that day rather than continue to focus on the terrorists, as has been done ad-nauseam for 5 years now.

I have signed up and will be honoring Kevin Patrick York on 9/11/2006. Please take the time to read as many of the tributes as you can on that day.

Time is running out (last count was only 992 to go and 23 days left) however I encourage you all to help with this effort as well.


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  1. Amy

    Would you be interested in reading your tribute live on the air?

    If so please contact me at thebluedoodle@thebluedoodle.com

    You can see info about the show on http://www.thebluedoodle.com

    DC Roe will be on the show also.


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