OU Sooners Boot Bomar

Starting quarterback Rhett Bomar has been permanently kicked off the OU Sooner’s football team.

Apparently he and teammate J.D. Quinn received money for work not done from none other than Big Red Sports and Imports (you know, “I-35………NORMAN!”), a car dealership located in Norman, OK.

For anyone who has spent more than 7 minutes in Oklahoma, you know which dealership I’m talking about. They have probably THE most annoying commercials on television, although some recent competitors have been gaining ground in the makes.me.nautious.just.watching.you department.

In the coming hours, days, and weeks (even months and years knowing some OU fans) there will be no end to the wailing and gnashing of teeth over this. Bomar was slated to take OU back to the big time, a BCS berth and national glory pitching the ball to Adrian Peterson and passing when that wasn’t working.

Instead Bomar has plenty of time to “work” now. In fact, he can probably get a job in just a few days at the FIRE SALE that Big Red Sports is most likely going to have. He can help them unload all their unsold cars at “discounted” prices to buyers with low moral and ethical standards…..sort of like his own.

So if you’re a Sooner fan I would imagine you’ll be pretty upset for a while, and rightfully so. A 20-something has YET AGAIN turned you and your kind into the laughing stock of the college football world. But if you’re Rhett Bomar, things aren’t quite as bad as they seem.

You see, even had he been allowed to stay. Even had he taken the Sooners to a BCS game, even the big one, and even had they won it….once….twice……dare I say three times??? Even had all that happened, Bomar’s big payout would most likely have mimicked fellow superstar alums like Jason “knees and ankles” White and Josh “I’d rather coach than play in the NFL” Heupel: a lucratic career in the Oklahoma City metro area pimping his likeness and voice out to sleazy car dealerships hoping to capitalize on his newly acquired fame.

Well, he got the fame without winning.  And he got the sleazy car dealership to boot.  Can you say ‘irony’? Of course you can’t. You went to OU.

P.S. Go Pokes!


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