Cecilia Lucas Made Me Lose My Lunch

That an idiot like Cecilia Lucas can even muster enough brain cells to get up in the morning, much less go about her daily activities like writing love poems to Hambollah, is a veritable miracle in my book. After reading her non.sonnet.make.me.puke.all.over.my.keyboard piece, I started thinking about how exactly a reasonably educated individual could be so out of touch with reality?

It has occurred to me that the only soluble answer to such a riddle lies in the mistaken notion wrought by the 60’s hippie generation, and furthered by the Birkenstock generation of today, that any questioning, no matter how contrary to facts, is deemed noteworthy and in some circles even laudable. The very act of raging against whatever is not currently being raged against is seen by the Left as being a certifiable feat of immense proportions.

No matter that the “love poem” in this case is to a proven terrorist organization responsible for the grotesque and brutal murders of literally hundreds if not thousands of innocent people. One can see that my hypothesis is the only real answer to such brazen idiocy. Ms. Lucas in this case (of which there are many on the Left) has decided that facts don’t mean squat. She has decided that in order to fulfill her heart’s longing for the long failed notion of “journalistic duty”, that she simply must say what nobody else has said. Far be it from her to actually consider whether what she’s railing against makes any sense whatsoever in regards to actual reality.

If progressive means loving people who routinely chop the heads of it’s prisoners off, then I’d rather be regressive thank you very much.


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