Great Sign

Recently when I’ve been out to my hunting property in Wellston I’ve been seeing plenty of sign including a ton of tracks. I took a pic of one of the better ones on a trail I found after the last rain. The trail is about an 1/8 of a mile long across the road, through the 5 acre field in front and right into the oak stand (near the spot of what looks to be the best place to hang a stand, especially for bow season).

We’ve only had the place for about 4 months, but in that time I’ve seen probably over 20 deer either spooking them or just running across them (usually when raining) while doing work out there.

Deer Track
Anyway, the total length of my Springfield XD 3″ sub-compact shown is 6.26″ . The track looks to be between 3″ and 3 1/2″, splayed out slightly and fairly deep. My guess is a nice 6 or perhaps 8 point, 2-3 years old……or a big doe even. And this is just one track on what looks to be around 10 trails I found a single day after a hard rain. Either way, I think this will be an excellent year to put quite a bit of meat in the freezer.


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