At Long Last: SOCOM II is Mine

I finally found a deal I couldn’t pass up on a Springfield Armory SOCOM II M1A with cluster rail system. The only downside is that I didn’t get the urban camo stock, but the black synthetic instead. It’s not like I will ever actually need the urban camo, but hey….you had to admit it looks pretty cool. Anyway, here is the first pic so far of this beast. I picked up a nice Aimpoint Comp M2 as well, but haven’t mounted it yet.

I’ll update this post as I take her out and stretch the legs a bit.


UPDATE (7/31/06 8:18 PM): More pics with Aimpoint CompM2 sight mounted.

Mount and rails of SOCOM II with Aimpoint CompM2  Muzzle of SOCOM II  Side view CompM2 Aimpoint  Right side SOCOM II with Aimpoint CompM2  Top View of Aimpoint CompM2 on Springfield Armory SOCOM II   Rail System on SOCOM II  Left Side SOCOM II with Aimpoint CompM2  Back Aimpoint

UPDATE (7/30/06 10:58 PM): Finally got to shoot it this weekend. All I can say is that I’m thoroughly amazed. Amazingly low recoil for a weapon chambered in .308. Some of that is due to the 10+ pounds the gun weighs with the 360 degree cluster rail system. The other major reason for so little recoil (seriously, it shoots like a .223 in regards to recoil) is the gas port which actually uses the excess gases created
during firing to almost force the barrel down and “pull” the gun away from your shoulder.

Even if it did recoil like most bolt action .308’s though, it would be a great gun to shoot. Tritium front sight was dead on out of the box and that made zeroing the 4 MOA Aimpoint CompM2 that much easier. I mounted the CompM2 with a A.R.M.S. quick release mount, so taking the red-dot sight off in a hurry is a piece of cake.

I wish I had taken my camera with me this weekend, but the fire I put on a cluster of trees was impressive. Not necessarily for my shooting ability, but for the raw power you can see that a .308 round can lay down on cover (it’s no wonder many soldiers on the front lines in Afghanistan and Iraq are opting for this over the standard .223). More than one tree with a diameter of about 6-8 inches had nearly invisible entry holes and massive exit wounds, which on one particular tree nearly felled it. Larger trees (9+ inch diameters) were spotty on whether the bullet exited the tree, probably depending on wood density at point of impact. All shots were taken at 50-75 yards.

I’ve seen larger exit wounds on trees with standard bolt action .308’s with 24-26 in. barrels. Obviously the velocity is around 2-300 fps higher so you do lose some with the 16 1/4″ barrel on the SOCOM II. However, I was thoroughly impressed with how well I was able to engage targets quickly, especially on follow up shots. After about 20 rounds, I found that I was putting second and third follow up shots on target very rapidly as my body adjusted to the fact that my sight picture was virtually unchanged after each shot. The barrel hardly flips at all and you find yourself being able to focus more on the next shot rather than recovering from the previous one.

Bottom line: If you have the funds….get this gun. You will love it.

UPDATE (7/27/06 12:20AM): Instead of just ordering the Aimpoint x-wide 30mm ring that is made for such a scope, I bought a set of 1″ Weaver Grand Slam all-steel 30mm low rings. Unfortunately I failed to realize until I got home that the Weaver rings have only two screws and have a tongue in groove on the other side that has to be inserted laterally. Since these are 1″ wide rings, and the tube length for mounting the scope on the CompM2 is only 1 1/4″….that poses a bit of a problem.

So, I’m back to listening to my better judgement (which I should have done the first time) and I’m going to order the Aimpoint x-wide online, since I can’t find anyone locally that carries them. Still haven’t shot the thing yet!



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14 responses to “At Long Last: SOCOM II is Mine

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  2. Greg Sutton

    I just ordered one. Any trouble with slam fires? What ammo are you using? Pleae reply to my e mail as I’m not a member of this site.


  3. Joshua

    I just recently bought a Socom II in urban camo and am looking to sell the stock. I saw that you were looking for an urban camo Socom when you bought yours and was wondering if you still wanted one. I bought the gun brand new out of the box this past Saturday (9-8-07) so the stock is in mint condition. If you’re interested let me know at, thanks for your time.

  4. Charlie

    Jut wanted to comment on all the short barrel, concerns. I just ordered my SOCOMII (CA legal) version, and will pick it up in about three weeks. However I have owned a Berreta BM59 with a 16 inch bbl and a muzzle brake, for over 25 years now, and I have never had a problem with accuracy or reliability. Considering the improved electronic sighting capability, vs NM peep sights on my BM 59, I am expecting some pretty damn good results.

    Also, for versatility, instead of getting a 1x optic, I’m planning on something like a 1.75x-3x or so, just to give me that little extra range if & when I need it.

    Finally, I have a couple Mini 14’s I’d like to upgrade for accuracy. Anyone tried “Accuracy Systems, out of Colo.? I just want to know before I go spend the money I was going to use for my wife’s anniversary present:)

    Best REGARDS,

  5. Very nice. I am a big fan of M14s with 18.0″ barrels, but the 1st generation SOCOM 16 has been tempting me since it hit the market.

    Maybe I’ll have Smith Enterprise, Inc. custom build one for me.
    I would put it a synthetic E2 stock with an Aimpoint Micro T-1 optic mounted on the UltiMAK forward optic mount.

  6. Jerry Crawford

    I sure wish you guys good shooting with your Springfield’s. I can not get my hands on one to save my soul. I’ve been haunting the web for a week. Can’t even find a used one – gues shooters who have them aren’t inclined to part with it?

  7. If you want to see a reader’s feedback :) , I rate this article for four from five. Detailed info, but I have to go to that damn yahoo to find the missed bits. Thanks, anyway!

  8. Peter

    what is the best sighting system for this weapon

  9. Bruce

    Does anyone know where I can buy this gun? I’ve been searching everywhere for it and I’ve had no luck.


    I HAVE A SOCOM II” URBAN “STOCK FOR SALE . TOOK IT OFF MY SOCOM II AND PUT ON A VLTOR EMOD STOCK. I may be in the market to sell my Socom II if you know of anyone who is interested. Mine has the VLTOR mod stock,tripod,sling,carry case 1-10 rd clip and 4 -20 rd clips,support handle and flsahlight bracket for the rail. All it is missing is a sight and I also have 200 rds of NATO 7.62 mil-spec ammo,and a OTIS complete cleaning kit that will work on any rifle/pistol/shotgun

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  13. Tom Ivey

    I have the SOCOM II and really like the lack of recoil, but am having a problem with the sights. Instructions say to use the 6 O’Clock position for firing, but one “NRA” Instructor told me it was wrong and the front sight should be centered. Either way, I’m not able to hit the white side of a white barn. I was able to hit it using standard standing and sitting positions, using the 6 O’clock position. I would like to see something in black and white (or color) with information about how to use the sight. Any suggestions.

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