Israeli / Palestinian History Primer

1948 — Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan & Saudi Arabia declare war on Israel. Arabs get ass handed to them and lose 50% more land than was originally allotted to Israel.

1956 — Series of escalating border raids, as well as the closure of the straits of Tiran and Suez canal to Israeli shipping, Israel invades Sinai peninsula and occupies it for a few months.

1964 — PLO formed with STATED intent of “destroying Israel”.

1967 — 6 day war: Israel destroys Egyptian air force on the ground, conquers Sinai and Gaza, then the West Bank from Jordan and Golan Heights from Syria. Again, Arabs get ass handed to them. Lose more terrority.

1973 — Yom Kippur War: Egypt takes Suez canal and a some adjoining land. Syria takes Golan Heights. Israel kicks the shit out of Syria, threatening Damascus. Egyptian third army cut off by IDF in Sinai. Again, even on a surprise attack, the Israelis kick the ever-living snot out of the Arabs.

1981 — Israel destroys Iraqi nuclear reactor.

1981 — Egyptian President Anwar Sadat is assassinated while on a victory parade.

1982 — Israel initiates massive invasion of Lebanon to fight the PLO (who have been doing the same pedantic terrorist shit their modern counterparts are doing today). IDF has Arafat surrounded in Beirut but fail to finish job because of UN calls for peace (sound familiar?).

2005 — Israel initiates evacuation of Gaza & 4 west bank settlements, effectively giving land back to the Palestinian Authority, which is apparently what they’ve been fighting for.

2006 — Israel has finally had enough of Hezbollah, Hamas, and the ineffectual Lebanese government. Decide to rid themselves of the thorn in ther side once and for all.

So basically the Palestinians have been trying to “destroy” Israel for nearly 60 years. That anyone thinks Hezbollah stands a snowball’s chance in hell of coming out of this as Nasrallah says they will is simply kidding themselves (or highly delusional).

So far as history has shown us, Israel does not randomly engage in sending suicide bombers into Lebanese, Syria, Egyptian and Iranian cities to target civilians. They basically respond as they see fit to terrorist attacks by organizations whose expressed written charters call for the utter annhilation of Israel.

Kofi Annan is right, Israel’s actions are excessive. But perhaps excessive is 60 years of having to put up with every single country around you trying to kill you? Nah, that would be too obvious.


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