Two Faced Saudis

NOTE: I’m sick of writing Hezbollah and Hamas as if they were different somehow.  I hereby decree a name change to Hambollah. 

This from an official Saudi statement:

“A difference should be drawn between legitimate resistance and rash adventures carried out by elements… without consultation or coordination with Arab countries, thus creating a gravely dangerous situation exposing all Arab countries and [their] achievements to destruction with those countries having no say.”

While everyone and their dog (including Bush) have been praising the Saudis for their apparently ground breaking castigation of Hambollah and their “adventures”, I for one am not convinced.  It doesn’t take a degree in rocket scientology to figure out that Tom Cruise………sorry, it doesn’t take a degree in katyusha science to figure out that the Saudis are using the ol’ “shit in one hand and wish in the other” tactic in its dealing with both external and internal Western influences as well as the ever increasing radicalism of the Islamo-fascists in the region.   They are hoping that while they chastise Hambollah publicly nobody will notice that they are privately promoting their fanatical terrorism via funding and propaganda to appease the destabilising forces within their own country sympathetic to the sick radical cause that Hambollah espouses.

Maybe the U.N. and the other RDDB‘s will buy that bullshit, but I won’t.



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2 responses to “Two Faced Saudis

  1. Get a life brother,im tired of people like u who constantly cry about situations they absolutely no nothin about.

  2. You’re right Einstein, I don’t “no nothin”.

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