I was thinking the same thing….

…that Lioness wrote, only not just about BBC, but about even some of the coverage by what I would consider left leaning syndicates like MSNBC and CNN (and of course our local idiot affiliates who ask questions like, “How do you feel about the rockets coming into your city?”).

Now let’s not get carried away with ourselves and promote the idea that the left-leaning MSM infrastructure has somehow magically undergone a political lobotomy (we can hope can’t we?) and suddenly realized that, yes in fact, Israel has a right to defend itself. That would be too easy.

No, there is another motive here that I can’t quite put my finger on yet. There has to be another reason that those who previously had nothing but disparaging missives for Israeli action against terrorist threats to suddenly side with them, albeit cautiously, and basically peripherally attack the Palestinians and their nihilist scum.

My guess is that they, like some Arab countries, are throwing Hambollah under the rug in the hopes that public opinion will somehow see them as moderate and “neutral” in this conflict, therefore gaining much needed credibility which they will use for exploitation (obviously) down the road when they need it. The other, less disturbing proposition is that they are simply too stupid to realize that they actually have gotten this one right and will soon enough fall back into bashing anything that is logical, reasonable and just.


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