You Want A “Peace” of This?

It’s been nearly 7 full days of fighting in Northern Israel/Southern Lebanon now and I just want to share my thoughts on what is taking place.

I’ve been reading blogs on both sides of this debate, both Israeli and Lebanese.  No I didn’t bother to read any blogs written by Hezbollah terrorists, call me biased.  But in doing so I am getting a sense that this is going to be quite a long war, if not a world war.   The reason is that like American politics, both sides in this dispute have no intention of budging, regardless of the facts of what as led them(us?) to this point.

Like it or not, Israel has a right to defend themselves.  Some say that the Lebanese government is “incapable” of taking out Hezbollah, and some pundits and idiots alike actually buy that as a legitimate defense.  They say that forcing the Lebanese army into such a situation would spark a civil war.  Well….maybe one is needed in Lebanon.  If there are that many people in Lebanon who would side with Hezbollah and agree with their stated mission to wipe Israel off the map, then perhaps the Lebanese people aren’t as “innocent” as everyone has been crying about.

Secondarily, I’m sick to death of hearing about how Israel should “temper” it’s attack.  It’s not like Israel has a history of carpet bombing Beirut into oblivion just for the shits and giggles of it all.  To the sight of any rational individual, Israel has gone out of their way to limit civilian casualties when having to repeatedly enter areas like Gaza and the West Bank to ferret out their enemies who intentionally hide behind the very civilians everyone is trying so hard to protect.  So you tell me, who is more to blame?

If anyone has a real actual alternative to what Israel is doing militarily to limit civilian deaths even more should probably be at the Pentagon and not armchair quarterbacking the decisions of the leaderships of duly elected officials from sovereign nations of which they are not a part.  I cannot even fathom the logistics of trying to specifically target the munitions, individuals and infrastructure of terrorist organizations that 1) wear no visible uniforms, 2) hide amongst innocent civilians and 3) use cowardly tactics like intentionally aiming for civilians rather than their armed combatant foes in war.   That anyone would even think it sane to compare on a moral level the actions of Israel with those of terrorist scum like Hamas, Al-Qaeda and Hezbollah is simply unthinkable.

Finally I will just say that in all the expected (and unexpected) rhetoric that is coming out of this conflict, and will no doubt continue unabated throughout its duration, I am beginning to realize even more-so than before that a great many Arabs simply do not want peace.  I think a reasoned look at the concessions that Israel has tried through the past 20+ years (can anyone even point to a single real concession the Palestinians have made in the “peace process” that didn’t require Israel to give an excessive amount more?) compared with responses by the Palestinians will show that this is more true than not.   The Israelis would love nothing more than to come up with a reasonable solution that would allow both Israeli and Palestinian, Jew and Muslim to live in peace in the region.   They have shown they are willing to give up concessions, albeit incrementally, to truly “give peace a chance”.  The Palestinians (and their supporters) however have shown that what is reasonable to them is nothing short of the complete annihilation of Israel.  That is not a recipe for peace.  That is a recipe for war, and the pessimist in me thinks….no, believes….that that is exactly what some in the region want.

If that is the case, then it seems the Israelis, like the child who gets picked on one too many times, has had enough and are more than willing to oblige.  God help us all.


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  1. Amen.

    I liked your comment over at that disgraceful blogger’s whose name I can’t even be bothered to type but who now feels cleansed and strong, as one tends to do when supporting the Hizbollah. I am not the least bit articulate regarding this war, my words were taken from me, it would seem, so I leave that to people like you and Treppenwitz. But you said what I think.

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