Hezbollah, Hamas and Israeli Soldiers

Hezbollah has captured 2 Israeli soldiers along the Lebanese border. This news coming on the heels of Hamas’ capture of an Israeli soldier a few weeks ago has sent Israeli troops into high gear.

Were I an optimist I’d say that some sort of prisoner exchange would result in the end of this conflict. However, let’s look at some recent history in terms of what the Palestinians think is a “fair” trade:

–To return the 1 Israeli soldier (Shalit) now under Hamas’ control they have demanded the release of a great many of the 9,000 prisoners held by Israel.

–To return the 2 Israeli soldiers now under Hezbollah’s control, Osama Hamdan has suggested that the only option for their return is for Israel to release ALL Palestinian, Lebanese and Arab captives.

–In January 2004 Israel swapped 426 Arab prisoners and the bodies of 59 Lebanese fighters for ……1 Israeli civilian and the bodies of 3 Israeli soldiers.

–In 1985 Israel swapped 1,150 Lebanese and Palestinian prisoners for 3 Israeli soldiers.

Does any of this sound completely unreasonable to anyone but me?


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