FORTUNE Does Comedy

Here’s a whiny little article about how a “mass of niches”, to be blamed for sure on the ‘Internet’, is fragmenting American culture from the days of yore when we had no choice but to be spoonfed the collective bullshit from the likes of MSM mouthpieces. It’s not really worth reading, but it has one of the most idiotic statements I’ve seen in a while concerning politics:

The second arena where we are worse off is politics. This is related to journalism, as the moderate and responsible (okay, bland) voices of the MSM get drowned out by partisan, opinionated cableheads and bloggers.

The only two adjectives this linguistic wizard can come up with to describe the MSM are “responsible” and “moderate”.  In light of the blatant lying by CBS and Dan Rather during Memogate, studies that prove a liberal slant to the “news”, and the overwhelmingly defeatist and anti-American coverage of the War on Terror…..this statement comes off to anyone with a brain as laughable if it weren’t so sad.


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