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Cecilia Lucas Made Me Lose My Lunch

That an idiot like Cecilia Lucas can even muster enough brain cells to get up in the morning, much less go about her daily activities like writing love poems to Hambollah, is a veritable miracle in my book. After reading her piece, I started thinking about how exactly a reasonably educated individual could be so out of touch with reality?

It has occurred to me that the only soluble answer to such a riddle lies in the mistaken notion wrought by the 60’s hippie generation, and furthered by the Birkenstock generation of today, that any questioning, no matter how contrary to facts, is deemed noteworthy and in some circles even laudable. The very act of raging against whatever is not currently being raged against is seen by the Left as being a certifiable feat of immense proportions.

No matter that the “love poem” in this case is to a proven terrorist organization responsible for the grotesque and brutal murders of literally hundreds if not thousands of innocent people. One can see that my hypothesis is the only real answer to such brazen idiocy. Ms. Lucas in this case (of which there are many on the Left) has decided that facts don’t mean squat. She has decided that in order to fulfill her heart’s longing for the long failed notion of “journalistic duty”, that she simply must say what nobody else has said. Far be it from her to actually consider whether what she’s railing against makes any sense whatsoever in regards to actual reality.

If progressive means loving people who routinely chop the heads of it’s prisoners off, then I’d rather be regressive thank you very much.


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Power Outage in Queens

100,000 residents of Queens, NY have gone without power for 6 days now. Apparently the company whose network failed and caused the blackout, Con Ed, is busily fighting off livid local officials who are basically responding to the livid 1/10 of a million constituents mentioned.

So needless to say that during this heat wave in North America, being in Queens in the middle of July without any A/C, fans, refrigeration, etc is probably pretty miserable. However, in this article a school teacher by the name of Lucio Iorfida of Astoria, responding to question concerning the response from Con Ed and in particular CEO Kevin Burke, says, “…he should give us at least half a year of free electricity.”

Now certainly we can forgive those like Iorfida for being angry and upset. But I think this simple “guy on the street” response shows an underlying current in our society which I find highly troubling.

Since when are you “entitled” to public utilities? True it is in the best interest of government officials and public utility companies to see to it that you have them as options. But since when did it become a basic human right to have electricity? It’s not like these people’s meters are still running and they’re paying for a service they aren’t receiving. No, they aren’t being charged a dime. There is no injustice, no misconduct on the part of Con Ed. There is a series of highly challenging technical problems in their grid and they are working to fix the problem.

But I suspect that Mr. Iorfida and many more like him have this notion that not only have they been “cheated” in some way by this blackout, but that they actually deserve reparations from the utility company for the inconvenience. Yes, reparations that by my calculation come to roughly a little over 30 TIMES the equal time lost without power. But that isn’t what I find most disturbing.

I find even more disturbing that Mr. Iorfida thinks that this proposition is not only “just”, but economically feasible. The problem stems from Mr. Iorfida thinking only of himself getting “free electricity” for 6 months, he has no concept, nor the ability to accurately project the actual cost to Con Ed (or any other utility company for that matter) of providing 6 months worth of flat out free electricity to all of Queens.

In the words of the new Red Stripe television spots…..”hooooray stupidity”.

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At Long Last: SOCOM II is Mine

I finally found a deal I couldn’t pass up on a Springfield Armory SOCOM II M1A with cluster rail system. The only downside is that I didn’t get the urban camo stock, but the black synthetic instead. It’s not like I will ever actually need the urban camo, but hey….you had to admit it looks pretty cool. Anyway, here is the first pic so far of this beast. I picked up a nice Aimpoint Comp M2 as well, but haven’t mounted it yet.

I’ll update this post as I take her out and stretch the legs a bit.


UPDATE (7/31/06 8:18 PM): More pics with Aimpoint CompM2 sight mounted.

Mount and rails of SOCOM II with Aimpoint CompM2  Muzzle of SOCOM II  Side view CompM2 Aimpoint  Right side SOCOM II with Aimpoint CompM2  Top View of Aimpoint CompM2 on Springfield Armory SOCOM II   Rail System on SOCOM II  Left Side SOCOM II with Aimpoint CompM2  Back Aimpoint

UPDATE (7/30/06 10:58 PM): Finally got to shoot it this weekend. All I can say is that I’m thoroughly amazed. Amazingly low recoil for a weapon chambered in .308. Some of that is due to the 10+ pounds the gun weighs with the 360 degree cluster rail system. The other major reason for so little recoil (seriously, it shoots like a .223 in regards to recoil) is the gas port which actually uses the excess gases created
during firing to almost force the barrel down and “pull” the gun away from your shoulder.

Even if it did recoil like most bolt action .308’s though, it would be a great gun to shoot. Tritium front sight was dead on out of the box and that made zeroing the 4 MOA Aimpoint CompM2 that much easier. I mounted the CompM2 with a A.R.M.S. quick release mount, so taking the red-dot sight off in a hurry is a piece of cake.

I wish I had taken my camera with me this weekend, but the fire I put on a cluster of trees was impressive. Not necessarily for my shooting ability, but for the raw power you can see that a .308 round can lay down on cover (it’s no wonder many soldiers on the front lines in Afghanistan and Iraq are opting for this over the standard .223). More than one tree with a diameter of about 6-8 inches had nearly invisible entry holes and massive exit wounds, which on one particular tree nearly felled it. Larger trees (9+ inch diameters) were spotty on whether the bullet exited the tree, probably depending on wood density at point of impact. All shots were taken at 50-75 yards.

I’ve seen larger exit wounds on trees with standard bolt action .308’s with 24-26 in. barrels. Obviously the velocity is around 2-300 fps higher so you do lose some with the 16 1/4″ barrel on the SOCOM II. However, I was thoroughly impressed with how well I was able to engage targets quickly, especially on follow up shots. After about 20 rounds, I found that I was putting second and third follow up shots on target very rapidly as my body adjusted to the fact that my sight picture was virtually unchanged after each shot. The barrel hardly flips at all and you find yourself being able to focus more on the next shot rather than recovering from the previous one.

Bottom line: If you have the funds….get this gun. You will love it.

UPDATE (7/27/06 12:20AM): Instead of just ordering the Aimpoint x-wide 30mm ring that is made for such a scope, I bought a set of 1″ Weaver Grand Slam all-steel 30mm low rings. Unfortunately I failed to realize until I got home that the Weaver rings have only two screws and have a tongue in groove on the other side that has to be inserted laterally. Since these are 1″ wide rings, and the tube length for mounting the scope on the CompM2 is only 1 1/4″….that poses a bit of a problem.

So, I’m back to listening to my better judgement (which I should have done the first time) and I’m going to order the Aimpoint x-wide online, since I can’t find anyone locally that carries them. Still haven’t shot the thing yet!


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Great Sign

Recently when I’ve been out to my hunting property in Wellston I’ve been seeing plenty of sign including a ton of tracks. I took a pic of one of the better ones on a trail I found after the last rain. The trail is about an 1/8 of a mile long across the road, through the 5 acre field in front and right into the oak stand (near the spot of what looks to be the best place to hang a stand, especially for bow season).

We’ve only had the place for about 4 months, but in that time I’ve seen probably over 20 deer either spooking them or just running across them (usually when raining) while doing work out there.

Deer Track
Anyway, the total length of my Springfield XD 3″ sub-compact shown is 6.26″ . The track looks to be between 3″ and 3 1/2″, splayed out slightly and fairly deep. My guess is a nice 6 or perhaps 8 point, 2-3 years old……or a big doe even. And this is just one track on what looks to be around 10 trails I found a single day after a hard rain. Either way, I think this will be an excellent year to put quite a bit of meat in the freezer.

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Israeli / Palestinian History Primer

1948 — Egypt, Syria, Iraq, Lebanon, Jordan & Saudi Arabia declare war on Israel. Arabs get ass handed to them and lose 50% more land than was originally allotted to Israel.

1956 — Series of escalating border raids, as well as the closure of the straits of Tiran and Suez canal to Israeli shipping, Israel invades Sinai peninsula and occupies it for a few months.

1964 — PLO formed with STATED intent of “destroying Israel”.

1967 — 6 day war: Israel destroys Egyptian air force on the ground, conquers Sinai and Gaza, then the West Bank from Jordan and Golan Heights from Syria. Again, Arabs get ass handed to them. Lose more terrority.

1973 — Yom Kippur War: Egypt takes Suez canal and a some adjoining land. Syria takes Golan Heights. Israel kicks the shit out of Syria, threatening Damascus. Egyptian third army cut off by IDF in Sinai. Again, even on a surprise attack, the Israelis kick the ever-living snot out of the Arabs.

1981 — Israel destroys Iraqi nuclear reactor.

1981 — Egyptian President Anwar Sadat is assassinated while on a victory parade.

1982 — Israel initiates massive invasion of Lebanon to fight the PLO (who have been doing the same pedantic terrorist shit their modern counterparts are doing today). IDF has Arafat surrounded in Beirut but fail to finish job because of UN calls for peace (sound familiar?).

2005 — Israel initiates evacuation of Gaza & 4 west bank settlements, effectively giving land back to the Palestinian Authority, which is apparently what they’ve been fighting for.

2006 — Israel has finally had enough of Hezbollah, Hamas, and the ineffectual Lebanese government. Decide to rid themselves of the thorn in ther side once and for all.

So basically the Palestinians have been trying to “destroy” Israel for nearly 60 years. That anyone thinks Hezbollah stands a snowball’s chance in hell of coming out of this as Nasrallah says they will is simply kidding themselves (or highly delusional).

So far as history has shown us, Israel does not randomly engage in sending suicide bombers into Lebanese, Syria, Egyptian and Iranian cities to target civilians. They basically respond as they see fit to terrorist attacks by organizations whose expressed written charters call for the utter annhilation of Israel.

Kofi Annan is right, Israel’s actions are excessive. But perhaps excessive is 60 years of having to put up with every single country around you trying to kill you? Nah, that would be too obvious.

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Pot of Gold

I believe in these difficult and mean-spirited times in which we live there needs to be a message of hope. Just a single image that speaks to us of love, harmony, peace and joy. An image that suggests the universal brotherhood of man.

I have found that image, and I ask that all of you take a moment to be inspired by it.

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I was thinking the same thing….

…that Lioness wrote, only not just about BBC, but about even some of the coverage by what I would consider left leaning syndicates like MSNBC and CNN (and of course our local idiot affiliates who ask questions like, “How do you feel about the rockets coming into your city?”).

Now let’s not get carried away with ourselves and promote the idea that the left-leaning MSM infrastructure has somehow magically undergone a political lobotomy (we can hope can’t we?) and suddenly realized that, yes in fact, Israel has a right to defend itself. That would be too easy.

No, there is another motive here that I can’t quite put my finger on yet. There has to be another reason that those who previously had nothing but disparaging missives for Israeli action against terrorist threats to suddenly side with them, albeit cautiously, and basically peripherally attack the Palestinians and their nihilist scum.

My guess is that they, like some Arab countries, are throwing Hambollah under the rug in the hopes that public opinion will somehow see them as moderate and “neutral” in this conflict, therefore gaining much needed credibility which they will use for exploitation (obviously) down the road when they need it. The other, less disturbing proposition is that they are simply too stupid to realize that they actually have gotten this one right and will soon enough fall back into bashing anything that is logical, reasonable and just.

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