Diving Like Jacques Cousteau

It's not even the end of the group stage and I am so absolutely fed up with the diving taking place by virtually every single team. I can understand the occasional "critical" play in which a player gets fouled and feels that he should perhaps liven it up a bit to help the ref make the call. Most professional atheletes do such things to work the system in their favor.

But this is ridiculous. On almost every single play where contact is made, someone goes down screaming and kicking as if they just had their leg amputated in a Civil War-esque medical procedure. And the worst part is that the refs let them get away with it. The referees in this World Cup have done an amazing job of giving yellow (and red) cards to people for non-fouls, but they haven't done a damned thing about giving cards to people for delaying the game and ruining the pace of play by diving.

Being a die hard soccer fan, I am no longer amazed that average Americans despises the sport. I despise it right now too because of the pedantic antics of most of the players. Since when is it manly to lie around like a stuck pig crying like a little girl because someone kicked you in the shin? It's soccer, you should EXPECT to get kicked in the shins.


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