Kim Jong “Ill”

It seems North Korea now has a long range missile to match the nuclear warhead option they've had for a while. Pundits on the Left say that he won't use them, and if he "tests" a missile launch then we should just stick our heads in the sand as usual, effectively giving the North Koreans our tacit approval to use or sell the damned thing to other terrorists. Pundits on the Right say we should shoot it down, even if it's not armed or targeting a civilian area, effectively sending us to war.

I liken this potential showdown in terms of something most of us have experienced: a gradeschool playground bully. If a bully rears his arm back to throw a punch at you, do you try to block it and suffer the impending fight or do you let him go and just hope he is feigning aggression to simply ridicule you in front of your friends?

If this were an episode of Leave It To Beaver I'd say go ahead and let him go, cause we both know that he's most likely the latter (or at the very worst hits like a girl so it won't hurt if he does strike). But since this is the Jackass generation and it's been quite some time since I've seen any 'bully' not of the former stripe, I say we don't just block the punch, but rather whip out our trusty Buck knife with blood groove and gut the son of a gun like a stuck pig for everyone to see.

Obviously that would get the attention (and the ire on a scale never before seen) of the vacillating Leftist masses. But one can always count on that happening regardless of the situation. That being the case, I must suggest that the question posed at the beginning of this post is really just an excercise in wishful thinking. Whether it's the North Koreans this week, the Iranians next month, the Venezuelans next year or the Chinese next decade, inevitably the bully's arm will be coming at us full tilt. The real question then becomes a matter of whether we are just another victim taking after the European pussy-cats who can't even muster enough energy to defend their own wives and children against such threats, or will we be the snarling.shit.your.britches bulldog who's ready to fight no matter how large the bully's arm might be?

If push comes to shove….I'm still hoping the bulldog shows up. But then again, maybe I just can't bring myself to realize we've already said "meow."


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  1. I mostly agree with you – but I also fear what China would do if we go in and mess with North Korea. I’m pretty sure China sees North Korea as their territory and might get a little pissy if we step in there. And I think the one country we probably can’t whip in two weeks is China.

    I could be wrong though.

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