Environmentalism: 99.99% Pure Unadulterated BS

state of fearI've always enjoyed Michael Crichton's novels. From the time I first read the Andromeda Strain to Congo to Jurassic Park and everything in between, he has always been an author who prides himself on novels of fiction based in fact. Let me repeat that, based in fact I say.

And that is one of the major reasons his books (which net him millions) almost always get made into movies (which net him even more millions). People like reading fiction and actually learning something that makes sense at the same time. True, some of his books have events and things which aren't necessarily common place or scientifically feasible at the moment, yet they are deeply rooted in the foundations of contemporary scientific knowledge. This is an important distinction.

So when I heard he was coming out with a book whose central theme was the environment, I naturally welcomed the thought rather than doing everything in my power to forget it (as I typically do with anything "mainstream" relating to the environment). Mr. Crichton spent three years on research before writing "State of Fear", and nary a page goes by that he doesn't prove it.

And for those who are skeptical at best, here's a speech derived from the underpinnings of the novel's content as an appetizer to the veritable seven course meal he dishes out in the book. Pay attention, and enjoy.


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