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TuckerSome whack job in Arizona is trying to get a measure passed that would award $1 million to a randomly selected voter after each public election.

Now I think this is a stupid idea purely on the grounds that it promotes voting not as a civic duty that we have to elect qualified individuals to represent us or as a pragmatic action taken by the shrewd individual to help ensure a public policy which truly represents his views, but as yet another way to potentially get rich for doing nothing. So while I think this method of getting voters to turn out sets a poor precedent indirectly in terms of the inherent value of voting, I wouldn't get my knickers in a twist over it either.

But as I was sitting here watching CNBC (accidentally I might add), I see the bow-tie boy himself Tucker Carlson attempting to debate this issue with the whack job. And lo and behold, lil' Tuck actually had the beans to say the following:

"Well, look, don‘t you think, since lotteries are ridiculous…I mean, truly, a lottery is a tax on the foolish. I mean, you‘re not going to win the lottery. Isn‘t this exactly the thing that kind of gimmick that draws exactly the kind of people who you don‘t want voting?"

"How about this. Wouldn‘t it be easier just to give away malt liquor? Why not just give out, you know, 40 ounces of Old English 800?"

Now I'm the last person in the world you probably want to argue with about being politically correct, cause it's a waste of time. But his statement is just way out of line. I mean, to think that someone in America today could think in such a manner is beyond comprehension. The poor in America would never roll out en masse for pee-water like OE….no, the poor of America have standards, they only drink Budweiser.

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