Ronaldo coming to MLS?

Word has it that Ronaldo, the Real Madrid and Brazilian star striker, may be considering a move to the MLS to play for the Red Bulls in New York. This is on par with the NASL signing Pele in 1975. Wow!

If you're not a soccer fan and have no clue who Ronaldo is, take a few minutes to watch this video of him (excuse the horrible music). Basically he is one of the premier strikers of the modern era, and depending on how he finishes out his career, perhaps one of the greatest to ever play the game. That is saying a lot when speaking of Brazilians (think Pele, Bebeto, Cafu, Romario, etc).Ronaldo

Basically the MLS teams have a salary cap of around $2 million. This would pose a problem a few seasons ago (since Ronaldo apparently makes around $8-10 million per season in Europe), however the MLS is instituting what is known as the "Beckham" rule, which allows each team to have a single high profile player whose salary does not count towards the cap.

This is the next logical step in the growth of MLS, if it is ever to realistically compete for players like Ronaldo in the prime of their careers. There probably will be no word of whether this news will come to fruition until after WC 06.


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One response to “Ronaldo coming to MLS?

  1. This will only happen in ronaldos twightlight years
    not at his peak just like beckham

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