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Nagin and BlancoLet me just start out by saying that I think Ray Nagin is probably hands down one of the most corrupt individuals I've ever witnessed on the public political stage in recent memory. Of course Henry Kissinger said that, "…corrupt politicians make the other 10% look bad…" so I certainly am not naive enough to believe the lie that most politicians are "good." I know better.

But the mere sight of Nagin during the whole Katrina/New Orleans debacle (and I say debacle in reference to Nagin & Blanco's complete non-handling of the situation) almost made my wife and I lose our lunch more than once. What a piece of slime.

I distinctly recall the man giving a press conference almost 24-48 hours BEFORE the hurricane had even hit declaring that he would be happy to get "even 20% of the population out of harm's way". T w e n t y p e r c e n t. Can you imagine any leader coming out and explicitly stating that he is giving up on the well being of 80% of his constituents?? It just boggles the mind. And yet nobody in the press called him on that; not before, not during, not after, not even way way after. And it wasn't just that comment. This elected human piece of excrement got so much of a pass that the people of New Orleans (or what is left of them) actually re-elected the very same guy who was responsible for the deaths of hundreds of people!

So let's recap:
(1) Fail to warn your citizens of impending danger
(2) Fail to use obvious resources a third grader could pick out to help save thousands of people when it becomes clear that they are in danger
(3) Hide in your hotel room not only during the storm, but immediately after it, and a while after that and a few days after it, etc, etc, etc.
(4) Fail to immediately make decisions to request federal assistance, cut red tape and encourage local officials to stand firm in protecting the innocent after the destruction of your city
(5) Blame the higher ups when it comes out that you were responsible for 1, 2, 3 & 4.
(6) Employ the use of racially charged speech to hype patently false notions that the lack of federal assistance (or the mere timing of it) was somehow directly related to race.
(7) Get sold out by your own party and raise just enough funds to carry out a Mickey Mouse campaign for re-election.
(8) Get re-elected by a margin slightly smaller than the width of a hair on your chinny chin chin.
(9) Come out and reprimand everyone "else" for "dividing" the city; call on "all peoples" to help rebuild (translate: give me money).

This apparently is a tried and true method for corrupt politicians to stay in power. It almost reminds me of the career and campaigns of the one and only Marion Barry. Simply unbelievable.

Apparently Nagin got 80% of the black vote and 20% of the white vote in the election. Let me spell that out for you in….well….black and white: Nagin received all of the votes in New Orleans by people who were too stupid, too addicted to the mother tit, too well paid or too dead to vote the other way. Unfortunately for New Orleans, the number of people in those categories outnumber those who are smart enough to spot a crook when they see one.

My advice: if you didn't move because of Katrina, move because of Nagin.



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2 responses to “Chocolate Politics

  1. Mac Diva

    There is no evidence that Ray Nagin is corrupt at all. He is a multimillionaire as a result of his business dealings. No one — including his detractors — can offer an iota of proof he hasn’t done anything illegal. To blatantly lie about Nagin as you have proves you lack credibility, not that of the person you are attacking.

    Nagin’s performance during the Hurricane Katrina crisis was imperfect, as was every other leader’s. The investigations conducted by people in a position to review all the evidence, Congress, has faulted the federal government, including President Bush, for having been most negligent.

    The voters of New Orleans decided that, given their options, they would prefer to give Nagin another opportunity. That is their right, and, the very gist of what democracy means. Your opposition to democracy in action shreds any remaining credibility you had.

    You can familiarize with how corrupt pols actually behave by reading up on the actions of Tom DeLay of Texas. The Washington Post has a great archive about him and his pal, Jack Abramoff. Start there.

  2. I wasn’t born yesterday honey. New Orleans is probably most widely known as the most corrupt city in America. So you think the mayor is a squeaky clean politician who always does the right thing? You’re as naive as a spring chicken if you think that.

    And if you could stay on topic, it might be worth having a discussion. Unfortunately you employ the age old tactic of trying to divert attention. This post was about Nagin, either talk about him or don’t talk at all. If you want to talk about DeLay and Abramoff, start your own blog and do so. Or maybe if you ask nice I’ll do a nice lengthy post about corruption, starting with DeLay and ending with your man Jefferson.

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