I’m Back

I used to blog. Before it was really the "thing" to do. I enjoyed it for a while. But as everyone else started to get blogs, I fell into the trap that is pervasive in the current blogosphere which says that a blog must have a singular purpose. I had several blogs, each trying to hold sway over an area of my life I felt deserving of its own voice.

But I realized that the reason I didn't enjoy blogging anymore (besides the insane amount of change in my life when I stopped) was because I kept forcing myself to write only about topics which I felt would be applicable to the theme of the blog that lived in my mind. In reality, there was no theme for any of my sites, merely shadows of my whole self. Caricatures if you will, highlighting only what the blog's title would allow. The reality is that the people who did read my blog(s) did so mostly because of the information contained within the individual posts in which they personally had interest, not because there was a continuity (perceived or real) within the overall site.

I've enjoyed my hiatus. I'm enjoying thinking about blogging in a different light. I hope these things will allow me to produce consistent and interesting posts. If not, blame the Radical Wacko, it was his idea for me to return.


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