Bushmaster Varminter

So Kode hooked me up with his gun dealer, and the guy got me a GREAT deal on this Bushmaster Varminter.
So far, this is what I’ve added:

– Tasco Super Sniper 10x fixed mil-dot scope from SWFA
– Leupold 30mm quick release rings
– Butler Creek flip open scope covers
– Harris bipod
– Tenebraex Super Sniper Kill-Flash

The gun is an amazing piece of weaponry, especially for the cost as compared to similar guns by other manufacturers (can you say Les Baer?). With the extras it is certainly not a “light” gun, however when you see what this thing can do in the field/on the range, you won’t mind lugging it around.

The week I purchased it, Bushmaster released a new model called the Predator. Basically the same gun, but with a 20″ barrel instead of the 24″ on the Varminter. I wondered whether I would have rather had the Predator when I first saw the specs, but after thinking about it some more I came to the conclusion that if I wanted a smaller gun that was easier to carry around I should just expect to pick up a carbine and scratch that itch.

Anyway, should you get a chance to fire one (or even better own one) I highly recommend it as a worthy companion for punching paper, but more importantly for ridding the countryside of pesky ‘yotes, groundhogs, prairie dogs and any other varmint that ain’t wearing kevlar.

Bushmaster Varminter (Side View)    Bushmaster Varminter (Front View)    Bushmaster Varminter (Rear View)



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7 responses to “Bushmaster Varminter

  1. Joseph Mendoza

    I just purchased the Predator. I am waitng for my scope to arrive before firing it (BSA 6X24X44 Mil-Dot IR Platinum). What size scope are you using? Can you give me info on your scope covers? Did you follow the break-in to the “T”? thanks.

  2. Joseph,
    My scope is a 10×42 Super Sniper 30mm scope. The scope covers are made by Butler Creek and are size 20 EYE and 30 OBJECTIVE.

    My breakin procedure was not followed to a “T” persay, but seems to have worked quite well as I’m averaging 1/2 – 3/4 inch groups at 100 yards, some being as low as 1/4″. Basically my procedure was:
    5 rounds fired & Clean for 50 rounds.
    10 rounds fired & clean for 100 rounds.

  3. Jeremy

    I just bought my vaminter back in october. And i tell you what, it’s the best fire iron I own by far. Sure it’s a little heavy, but when you drop a groundhog at 200 yards, you don’t care any more. I have a 4-16X40 BSA with illuminated cross hairs and a mildot reticle. It’s a great gun. no complaints.

  4. rt

    I own a predator. I have ben punching 3/8-> 1/2 inch 3 shot groups conistantly. I do my own loads. I am using imr4895 and speer bthp 69gr speer bullets. Using cci primers. I tell you there is no fun once you get a rifle to consistently shoot that well. By the way from the bench, it matters little what scope you are using; specially, when shooting at 100 yards. A 3×9 bushnell will do the job just fine. I am currently using a Konus 4×12 40mm. Don’t drink the coolaid … it’s always about
    1. sight alignment
    2. trigger pull
    3. breathing
    4. stance

    Remember BRAS (Breath Relax Aim and SQUEEEEEEEEEEEZE…)

  5. mike

    i want a varminter so bad. all the write-ups on this model are extremely positive, the only thing is up here in canada its considered a resticted weapon which means everytime you want to transport it you have to put in an aplication to transport it to your desired location… alot of work! also as the exchange rate is 1 to 1 right now, it is alot more expensive up here, the base model is around $1900 – $2200 just for the gun. still want it though!!

  6. I also own a Bushmaster Varminter all though I really love to shoot blackpowder guns. I have one of the older models with the longer barrel. I prefer the longer barrel so it can reach out for the full range of the 223.

    I had a Bushnell elite 4200 on it but took it off and sold it. I did not like the fact that you had to focus for each new distance you targeted at. I may try a Konus m-30 on it next, but am still up in the air about that. But the rifle will shoot as straight as any I have shot. At 200 yards the gun will hold a 2-inch or smaller group easy.

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